Veni Vidi Vulpes

Halloween Tingles: Spooky Board Game [Fixed]

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Thank you for your patience, everyone. Hoping this version is free of any defects that make me cringe and shudder. I fixed the echo and (as far as I know) everything else is good. Enjoy!
Nov 4th 2014 316 Comments
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 5h ago
Spence MundorfOk should post more often, the videos are really relaxing
2 weeks ago
charvelgtrsYou have over 100K subs and you hardly upload videos. Seems like a waste.
Do you just not like the exposure? There are so many people who would
love to have a popular channel like yours. You could make money doing this
so why not take advantage of this popular channel?
3 weeks ago
ElitabloHello Violet, I fall asleep to your videos mostly every night.. It would be
great to hear some life inspirational videos in your beautiful soothing
voice. Maybe something similar to "Les Brown" videos on you tube. I think
this would be a HUGE HIT!! I'm sure alot of your fans would agree. Thank
you :)
3 weeks ago
mclmrtnPay attention kids. Women with larger than average breasts do not belong
in a children's game. That demeans women! Clowns with bloody knives,
prolicide (murdering your children), suicide, and homicidal maniacs dressed
as rabbits are A-ok though! Typical of a progressive atheist feminist with
no moral compass. 
3 weeks ago
TundraNileYou know, Violet gets almost a million views a day. If she uploaded
regularly, she could easily surpass Gentlewhispering in only a few months.
But I bet Violet doesn't want that attention, which is understandable. But
she's really talented.
3 weeks ago
MudrASMRCiao! i tuoi video sono una continua ispirazione per me grazie... hai un
nuovo iscritto
3 weeks ago
Mande PeerI see the Clifton Bunnyman!
4 weeks ago
SKATHAROZOUMISShelo i wanna say a huge thanks cause yur vudeos help me somuch,i have seen
a lot but yours aare the most y have fb?send me private mssage
if y want .many thanks...dimitris from greece
5 weeks ago
Tom JacksonWhy have a channel if you upload only when a solar eclipse happens? 
9 weeks ago
HanhAtheists are way more annoying than any religious ppl including muslims.
No1 cares what you do/dont believe just stop attacking peacful people for
it n then sayin shit like "religion causes war" At least religious books
and teachings have moral lessons and spiritual guidance. Unoe things like
love ppl n dont kill loool all that good stuff......I dont see a problem
with people wanting spiritual guidance. But I seee alot of atheists attack
them for no reason.....meh gods dumb.....meh gods not real......MEH STFU
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