Veni Vidi Vulpes

Halloween Tingles: Spooky Board Game [Fixed]

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Thank you for your patience, everyone. Hoping this version is free of any defects that make me cringe and shudder. I fixed the echo and (as far as I know) everything else is good. Enjoy!
Nov 4th 2014 417 Comments
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1 weeks ago
portanaticDoes anyone know why she stopped? Someone says she passed away, but I
refused to believe that, we would have been informed by a friend of hers or
something. I hope she's doing well
4 weeks ago
QEX ArtDamn, I just heard the news, so terrible. You will live on in your
wonderful videos. R.I.P.
5 weeks ago
Scarlett WhispererI stopped making videos a while ago because I got too busy and I hated that
I didn't have good quality stuff but I hope that Vulpes makes a video again
soon. Who knows why she stopped. ...i do miss making videos though. 
5 weeks ago
SoothedBySoundWe'd love to hear from you again if you have the time.
6 weeks ago
Calvin JHonestly, I'm getting depressed it's been so long since Violet has made a
new video. I miss you.
7 weeks ago
BarryDennen12Just once I'd like to see her upload a hardcore DMX rap where she's yelling
and swearing and kicking the camera over, haha.
8 weeks ago
Simon NICAUD[FR] Bonjour, vos vidéos sont vraiment apaisantes !
Très beau travail ! La qualité y est présente ! Merci.
[US] Hello, your videos are really soothing!
Very nice work! The quality is present! Thank you.
8 weeks ago
Victoria HaysAs far as I'm concerned a 'like' doesn't equate to ownership of a person.
You people are just mean spirited. I advise you to watch many more hours of
ASMR until you find your happy place. 
16 weeks ago
HandoverFist make more videos, i demand it!
21 weeks ago
TundraNileYou know, Violet gets almost a million views a day. If she uploaded
regularly, she could easily surpass Gentlewhispering in only a few months.
But I bet Violet doesn't want that attention, which is understandable. But
she's really talented.
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