Veni Vidi Vulpes

Halloween Tingles: Spooky Board Game [Fixed]

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Thank you for your patience, everyone. Hoping this version is free of any defects that make me cringe and shudder. I fixed the echo and (as far as I know) everything else is good. Enjoy!
Nov 4th 2014 374 Comments
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6 days ago
BarryDennen12Just once I'd like to see her upload a hardcore DMX rap where she's yelling
and swearing and kicking the camera over, haha.
2 weeks ago
Victoria HaysAs far as I'm concerned a 'like' doesn't equate to ownership of a person.
You people are just mean spirited. I advise you to watch many more hours of
ASMR until you find your happy place. 
8 weeks ago
KaibusLovely Violet, please don't just vanish ;) You are really talented and many
people enjoy your videos thoroughly! Don't hurt yourself with thoughts that
you need to be perfect - it is not necessary. If you haven't lost your
interest in making those wonderful videos, please just continue :) You are
10 weeks ago
HandoverFist make more videos, i demand it!
15 weeks ago
TundraNileYou know, Violet gets almost a million views a day. If she uploaded
regularly, she could easily surpass Gentlewhispering in only a few months.
But I bet Violet doesn't want that attention, which is understandable. But
she's really talented.
15 weeks ago
Mande PeerI see the Clifton Bunnyman!
16 weeks ago
Tom JacksonWhy have a channel if you upload only when a solar eclipse happens? 
19 weeks ago
moduscorpAlways awesome to find out that someone I like also happens to be an
atheist and/or agnostic! And let me clear the shirt thing up:

To all of the quick to upset theists commenting, the shirt is merely
mocking the Creationist hypothesis masquerading under the name "Intelligent
Design", and not necessary all theists. If anything, everyone should be
against it as it is attempting to delude the minds of American children by
trying to force an unfounded religious belief into the science classroom
and spread disinformation about our current best theory for the evolution
of species. It's both highly anti-educational and a clear violation of the
First Amendment.

So for the record, the shirt is against pseudo-science, not your precious
28 weeks ago
WhispersRedASMRWow Violet you're looking absolutely stunning. Your voice is heaven and the
sounds are lovely, so excited to watch the rest of the video! XX
28 weeks ago
Ashley James WilliamsYour voice seems as soft as it did from your first binaural test vid -- and
your beauty is absolutely luminous here. I don't mind that you take your
time making videos -- they're *so* well worth the wait. Thank you, Violet.
This vid -- groovy. 
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