Veni Vidi Vulpes

ASMR Show and Tell: What's in my Bag?

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Hey everyone! Here's a video I've been meaning to make for a looooong time. A (mostly) accurate accounting of the toys, tools, and junk I carry with me on a daily basis. I won't lie--the subject matter probably isn't so interesting, but I hope the sounds and hand motions will give you some satisfying tingles.

More videos soon! Coming up: a makeup tutorial and (possibly) another show-and-tell type video I made with my kitten Ducky. :)
Jun 26th 2014 854 Comments
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 7h ago
DeathtootommorowYour username confuses me. I've started learning Latin and I came back to
your channel to see that your username translates to, "To Come To See
2 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Rikudou SeninThis is really, really creepy. "Why?" Because a girl is whispering while
petting her bag and treating it like a real pet, i am sorry VeniVidi but i
think you and everybody who's actually watching and enjoying this video are
all SICK IN THE HEAD i swear that's just not normal.
5 weeks ago
Buggerme75What's in your snatch? I mean bag.....
8 weeks ago
sharpezorPurses aren't really needed are they - they're just a status symbol? Why is
it important to lug around 30 pounds of pens and books and gum and sticks
and berries and various liquids, powders and fabrics when you're just
nipping out for some bread? Unless you're going on some kind of expedition
or building a nest for your eggs I don't see the point.
14 weeks ago
Liz PlascenciaWhy are you whispering? I can't hear you! ):
17 weeks ago
John RedmondDAMN, Violet! You've been gone a while, but you're lookin' GOOD!

I wouldn't be concerned about whether or not you're "keeping up with what's
popular" in ASMR. Nowadays it's like Field of Dreams - "If You Film It,
They Will Watch." Somewhat less pervy BS from trolls, somewhat more
mainstream recognition, but otherwise, nothing ever changes. This is all
experimental stuff anyways, so if you're doing whatever random stuff you
want, like you used to, you're keeping up just fine.

Just ask ThatASMRchick, she does a lot of VERY weird things, very much
against the grain. I like her channel solely because of that - she's not
about what's popular, rather pushing the limits and seeing what crazy,
simple stuff might work.

Needless to say, though, thanks for gracing us with your presence! Now I'm
gonna get me some sleep.
17 weeks ago
George DavisHey I hope u know about aspartame in chewing gum? Or hopefully you buy
aspartame free gum?
17 weeks ago
VioletsVoiceOh snap I love videos like this. It's so fun seeing what people carry in
their bag! AND relaxation. Can't wait to go to bed tonight!
17 weeks ago
Sir SebastianWhy can't I hold...

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