Veni Vidi Vulpes

ASMR Show and Tell: What's in my Bag?

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Hey everyone! Here's a video I've been meaning to make for a looooong time. A (mostly) accurate accounting of the toys, tools, and junk I carry with me on a daily basis. I won't lie--the subject matter probably isn't so interesting, but I hope the sounds and hand motions will give you some satisfying tingles.

More videos soon! Coming up: a makeup tutorial and (possibly) another show-and-tell type video I made with my kitten Ducky. :)
Jun 26th 2014 640 Comments
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7 days ago
Liz PlascenciaWhy are you whispering? I can't hear you! ):
1 weeks ago
Cesar GarciaYou're beautiful as it is but you should do you bangs again !! That look
you had ( in the mens haircut and shave video ) fit you so well ! I
literally can't describe it well enough. Something about the way you looked
, beyond beautiful. Like omg , better than any supermodel. ( you didn't
have that supermodel look but still , something about you. Wow. Just
totally blows and model out of the water ) idk you should just really keep
that look going :)
3 weeks ago
John RedmondDAMN, Violet! You've been gone a while, but you're lookin' GOOD!

I wouldn't be concerned about whether or not you're "keeping up with what's
popular" in ASMR. Nowadays it's like Field of Dreams - "If You Film It,
They Will Watch." Somewhat less pervy BS from trolls, somewhat more
mainstream recognition, but otherwise, nothing ever changes. This is all
experimental stuff anyways, so if you're doing whatever random stuff you
want, like you used to, you're keeping up just fine.

Just ask ThatASMRchick, she does a lot of VERY weird things, very much
against the grain. I like her channel solely because of that - she's not
about what's popular, rather pushing the limits and seeing what crazy,
simple stuff might work.

Needless to say, though, thanks for gracing us with your presence! Now I'm
gonna get me some sleep.
3 weeks ago
GentleWhisperingOh Violet :) it is so nice to see your smile again. :) we all really missed
you, I hope to see more of you!!! I think you need to upgrade some of your
gadgets though hehehe :P but great video. Biiiiig Huuuuug ♡
3 weeks ago
TianWangTuoTaThe Vulpes returns to teach ya'll Original Gangsta ASMR!
(She got her mind on the triggers and the tingles on her mind)
4 weeks ago
Asmr TessYou were the first asmrtist I ever watched and so that will always make you
my favorite no matter how often you post videos :) 
4 weeks ago
superanimefan275I LOVE that wallet!
4 weeks ago
Chantal CoolsmaLove it. You look good too. Welcome back!
4 weeks ago
Parallax AbstractionMy favourite ASMR artist is back! Excellent video Violet, I hope you're
able to make more soon. :)
4 weeks ago
SoothedBySoundHey, welcome back!
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