Veni Vidi Vulpes

ASMR Show and Tell: What's in my Bag?

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Hey everyone! Here's a video I've been meaning to make for a looooong time. A (mostly) accurate accounting of the toys, tools, and junk I carry with me on a daily basis. I won't lie--the subject matter probably isn't so interesting, but I hope the sounds and hand motions will give you some satisfying tingles.

More videos soon! Coming up: a makeup tutorial and (possibly) another show-and-tell type video I made with my kitten Ducky. :)
Jun 26th 2014 727 Comments
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3 weeks ago
TheSmallLavazHello all welcome to "what's in my basement?" today we will take a look at
all the fun stuff I have in my basement ♥ over here is a pile of rotting
corpses, over here we have a 2x2x2 meter box filled with guns, knives and
surgical tools... This is my computer for uploading snuff films on
websites, and this is my operating table for when I want to run some
experiments on my latest victim ♥ So thank you for watching "what's in my
basement?" goodbye and have a nice day!
6 weeks ago
Liz PlascenciaWhy are you whispering? I can't hear you! ):
9 weeks ago
GentleWhisperingOh Violet :) it is so nice to see your smile again. :) we all really missed
you, I hope to see more of you!!! I think you need to upgrade some of your
gadgets though hehehe :P but great video. Biiiiig Huuuuug ♡
9 weeks ago
TianWangTuoTaThe Vulpes returns to teach ya'll Original Gangsta ASMR!
(She got her mind on the triggers and the tingles on her mind)
9 weeks ago
powerfulpillswhat are your favorite podcasts?
9 weeks ago
George DavisHey I hope u know about aspartame in chewing gum? Or hopefully you buy
aspartame free gum?
9 weeks ago
Pierre KellyBack in action! What took you so long?
9 weeks ago
Cory MooreSHE LIVES!!!!
9 weeks ago
Asmr TessYou were the first asmrtist I ever watched and so that will always make you
my favorite no matter how often you post videos :) 
9 weeks ago
superanimefan275I LOVE that wallet!
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